Fulfill your dreams of becoming a star!

Naija Exclusive TV: Fulfill your dream of becoming a star! 

Have you ever dreamt of becoming a superstar in your childhood? Well, now you can have the opportunity to blossom into stardom and fulfil your dreams of becoming a top artist! Here at Naija Exclusive TV, we have a mission to help all aspiring artists achieve their dream and make their names known across all platforms. 

What we are: Naija Exclusive TV as your media partner 

Naija Exclusive TV is a media channel made to help solo artists like you who want to put their name out there. Through our influence and media partners, we can help publish your works and songs so that interested listeners can stream your music and share your creative output with the rest of the world. 

Our website was established exclusively for you. We want you to keep dreaming and producing music that speaks to your soul. It is our team’s mission to give you a way to reach out to the world and put your work out there so you can have the recognition that you deserve. Moreover, we want more people to discover small-time musicians who create good music.

Why should you promote your music with us? 

Naija Exclusive TV is a massive media platform that works in collaboration with other various websites that aids in promoting the works and the name of up and coming artists. Our team promotes massively across different platforms creating an opportunity for your name to be known across the media. This enables the artists who promote with us to grow in their careers and have their names discovered by more people and even media agencies. 

Reasons why you should promote with us!

There are countless reasons that we can think of why you should promote with us here at Naija Exclusive TV. These include the following: 

  1. Here at Naija Exclusive TV, we offer massive promotions on all of our social media handles including Instagram, Twitter, Linked In and Facebook. We promote in every platform that we have to ensure that your name would be known to the general public. 
  2. Aside from our social media channels, we also promote them on different websites online. These websites are popular for new releases and would be a good way for an up and coming artist to get their names out there in the world. 
  3. Part of our promotion methods includes creating a Facebook page for you that would be shared in our media accounts and would also be promoted by our team. 
  4. The best part about partnering with us is that we are affiliated with various music labels that can offer you a record deal if they see that you are talented enough to belong in their company.