Celebrity fashion inspirations this 2021

Celebrity fashion inspirations this 2021

Naija Exclusive TV: Celebrity fashion inspirations this 2021

The year has certainly been tough for all of us, but these celebs didn’t let the pandemic ruin their style. Take a look at our list of celebrities who have the style that would put fashion and style in your wardrobe! 


As the face of Maison Valentino, it is no surprise that Zendaya is at the top of our list this 2021. The singer, actress and model sure knows how to impress with her choice of style. What makes Zendaya’s style of clothing even better is that she doesn’t try hard at all! The actress seemed to always opt for a relaxed style that looks so effortlessly stylish it makes our jaws drop in amazement. 

Bella Hadid 

As a model, Bella Hadid has one of the most outstanding styles in the industry and she proved the point at the 2021 Cannes Film Festival when she wore a wool crepe Schiaparelli Haute Couture gown. As if the stylish and form-fitting dress isn’t enough, she even paired it with a lung shaped golden necklace made with rhinestones and gilded with brass, creating an overall stunning effect on the red carpet. 

Jennifer Lopez 

Despite her age, Jennifer Lopez is still rocking it with her jaw-dropping outfits. Just take a look at her steamy new look with the string bikini she wore in a shoot at the Caftan beach for her 52nd birthday. We wish everyone would be as youthful-looking as JLo in their 50s! 

Kristen Stewart 

Kristen Stewart has always been eye-catching, but her style after coming out certainly added the flair that we all know she is capable of! The Twilight actress kept everyone riveted when she paraded around town with a Chanel ensemble. The whole style is reminiscent of Princess Diana’s style, which makes sense since the actress is working on a Princess Diana biopic called Spencer. 

Eiza Gonzales 

Eiza stunned everyone at the UNICEF event with her wonderful gown designed by a new label called Del Core. With the actress’ appearance, everyone certainly started paying attention to the Del Core designer. Hopefully, they can make more gorgeous couture gowns like this in the future. 


Need we say more? Lorde’s appearance at every Met Gala event speaks for itself. The popular singer set quite the standard on the red carpet with her breathtaking appearance. Lorde doesn’t even have to make her dresses absurd to capture the attention of the crowd, she brings a refreshing style of simplicity and elegance in the way she dresses and that, we think, is everything!

Olivia Rodrigo 

Olivia Rodrigo is every teenager’s style reference and we’re not surprised why. She dresses like royalty with her vintage Chanel outfit. It’s an impressive fit and the look gave us a deja vu of the classic Elle Woods outfit. Good for her!

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