Father and son meet in PNC Championship

Father and son meet in PNC Championship

Naija Exclusive TV: Father and son meet in PNC Championship

On December 8, Reuters reported that the golf legend Tiger Woods announced that he would come back to the sports scene after sustaining a leg injury in a car crash. In his epic comeback, Tiger Woods is going to compete with his 12-year-old son Charlie at the PNC Championship at Orland set to happen next week. 

The championship is said to be a 36 hole tournament that would be held in the field where most of the major golf tournaments are held. During this event, the major golf champions would bring their kids on the field for a fun parent-child experience. 

According to Woods, even though it has been a long and challenging year, he is willing to step out into the sports scene again at the PNC Championship with his son Charlie. The golf champion said that the most rewarding thing about this event is that he gets to enjoy time with his son while playing his favourite sport. 

Last month, the athlete even posted on his social media account a video of him swinging the club again with a caption that says ‘making progress’. Woods even went and logged on his practice time at the Hero World Challenge event, which was set in the Bahamas.

In February this year, Woods sustained major injuries in his right leg after he lost control of his vehicle and crashed in Los Angeles. The injury is so severe that the doctors even opened up the possibility of amputating the golf star’s legs. Luckily, this didn’t happen and Woods got out of the hospital with both of his legs intact. Although, Woods had to stay in the hospital for three weeks. 

Last week in December, the 15-time major champion held his first conference about the incident and gave his fans and the world a view of what truly happened. Woods said that he isn’t ready yet to compete in any major championship, however, he is good enough to hit the field in a fun competition with his son. 

This of course led everyone to believe that Woods might announce his comeback after the PNC championship. Media speculations aside, the event would be the second time that the father and son tandem would play in a tournament together. 

One of the players who joined the event is another golf champion, Gary Player. Gary expressed his joy in seeing Woods back on the course. The player posted on Twitter the following words: ‘I think I speak on everyone’s behalf when I say the sports community is thrilled to see you back on the course.’ Gary will play with his grandson at the event.

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